About me

My faceWhere do I begin?

The posts in this blog are a sketch of what my life is. There is so much going on inside my head that I have to write them down in case I forget everything. I give my knowledge and insights freely, without acting like a┬áprofessional, knowing that I can easily be wrong on some subjects. They are all “to the best of my knowledge”, and I would love to be proven wrong, only if shown the truth.


I was born in 1980 and had the best family I can retrospectively wish for. My circle of close friends was soon composed of geeks like myself, who thought that hacking a Civilization savegame was more interesting than going out and socialize. I lost track of all but one of them after graduating from the university in computer science, right at the dot-com crash. After two years of trying to find a job in my domain, I joined the army, and left after the contract ended.

I was lucky enough to be hired as a programmer. At work, I play with C#, MVC, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Classic stuff, all of which not helping me in the art of making friends, let alone making girlfriends. When I’m not at work, I take care of my body (physically and mentally), cook, play music, read, and learn.

I am a down-to-earth, no bullshit guy. I keep things simple. I like to believe there is logic behind every action, and that my experiences define who I am.


My interests and passions are, in no particular order: computers, science, health, and knowledge.

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