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Future of mobile software

Just a thought I had today…

It’s been what, four years since writing software for the mobile platform started being lucrative? Maybe even three.

In that very short time span, everything has been written, every application made. Except for gaming, if you need to do something with your cell phone or tablet, there are scores of applications that are already offered, a couple of which are excellent, and have a strong following.

So, as a software writer, I worry. In just four tiny years, the market has been filled with every application imaginable.

What chance does a person who is not yet expert in a programming language has? What chance does the next generation has, if a new app concept is made in but a month or two?

I have some ideas about a good application that could revolutionize a certain empty field, but what chance do I have when it would take me months to be adequately familiar with the programming language?

Might as well start studying… Just in case…

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