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I’m back, I think…

It has been a while. Too long, in fact.

For the 0.17 person wondering, my last post was right before starting a new way of life. I decided that I would spend a complete week almost disconnected from the Internet – only checking my email once before going to bed. After the fruitful week was over, I loosened my goal to a more appropriate “There¬†shall be no unplanned usage of the Internets“. Meaning that I could go on youtube while I was eating dinner, or spend half an hour on reddit, but only if I had planned it.

All of a sudden, there were no more oh-my-god-it’s- 22:00-already-and-I-haven’t-done-anything-all-day. I had time to read and draw. They were good times. Instead of surfing the web during my lunch hour at work, I brought a book and read. It was all more peaceful, more zen, more serene. It’s when you take a step back that you realize how much strain the Internet, if used in a free-for-all manner, takes on you.

But then I wanted to do something more constructive during my lunch hours. I wanted to make a web site in python/django – and I had to learn the language, which I also did at home. Just a peek at the front page of reddit, a quick check on 4chan, reading my emails and RSS feeds more and more often… It almost got back to the state it was before I started.

It’s crazy how much of a drug the Internet has become.

So I might as well write once in a while in my old blog, where I write about things that cross my mind, or that seems interesting. Meanwhile, trying to minimize the unplanned web.


I’m back, I think…


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