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Brand New Samsung Galaxy S3

I called the store at around lunch to know if they had received the phone. I was calling just in case, and would take my lunch hour to go pick it up, and dodge a bit of rush hour after work.

They didn’t receive it yet! The delivery guy was too late yesterday evening, and the store was already closed. The guy told me he’s expecting them at 15:00, maybe 16:00. I left work at 15:15 (because my work day was over, not because I wanted the phone that bad). They were opening the boxes when I got there, and about 15 minutes later, I left with a brand new white Samsung Galaxy S3 (wiki), not even activated yet. I stopped at Best Buy on my way out of the mall, but they didn’t have any good accessories for the phone.

I’m home now and will write as the events of the evening unfold.



The hardware

Ain’t it a beauty! It’s pretty light (about as light as the Galaxy S2 (wiki)), but I wish it would be a bit heavier. It’s lightness contributes to it feeling fragile, but it has a metal-looking border, and anyway, we all know it’s plastic (but good quality plastic).

In the box, there’s also:

  • a pair of earbuds (I probably won’t ever use them, as they have those transparent plastic caps that look weird);
  • three pairs of these transparent plastic caps, as replacements;
  • a usb to wall adapter that’s a lot bigger than the Galaxy S2’s, but the shape makes it more “handlable” (the Galaxy S2’s was more like a square);
  • a four feet long micro B to type A USB cable, which is a lot longer than the one that came with the Galaxy S2 (relief!);
  • some boring text on paper.


The software

The display is awesome, as clear as an iPhone 4 (wiki) or iPad 3 (wiki)’s retina display. The screen is also a lot smoother than the Galaxy S2, if that’s even possible. The colors are awesome.

Samsung designed the Galaxy S3 with nature in mind. This can be felt with all the sounds and images that come with the phone. I go through the settings one by one. I settle for “Mountain Temple” as my device ringtone. I also kept the default notification, but chose to take “Temple Bell”, to go with the Mountain Temple theme. I choose some wallpapers.

Last thing to do in the settings is to activate the phone on the network. When I was at Best Buy, a lady who works there told me that Bell / Virgin Mobile were very slow today. It is taking a long time, and it can’t connect to any of the three VIRGIN entries that it finds. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I can see that Bell and Virgin Mobile have put their noses in the OS – some of their applications are installed by default. I start by cleaning the icons on the pages, then hiding some under the Applications and Widgets.

I’ve been using it for almost two hours (intensively), and the lower part of the unit is very hot. I hope it won’t do that often… I’ve been charging it for the last 20 minutes (the battery drained 15% in 1.5 hours), so I guess I’ll leave it alone for thirty minutes or an hour.


The battery cooled down almost completely in thirty minutes. Since I’ve seen some posts about a few Galaxy S3s burning out, I was keeping an eye on the phone while I was cooking my hummus.

Just before going to download and buy some apps, I wanted to give S Voice a quick try. S Voice is Samsung’s reply to Apple’s Siri. That was pretty cool, but I don’t think I’ll use it often – I’d rather just navigate to the app and click on it, though searches on the Internet would be quicker (assuming S Voice understands you). I could set a timer for two minutes, and tell my phone to start it. There’s a lot I can do.

I started with mint.com, which I wanted on a mobile or tablet for a few months, but I’m a tiny bit disappointed at the options, compared to the web site.

I installed Evernote, Sleep as Android (I’ll buy the unlocked version (2$) tomorrow if it works tonight), Facebook, RBC, Sky Map, some Google apps, and some games. I planned about 10-15$ for apps when I got the phone, and so I bought Cut the Rope (1$), Where’s my Water (1$), Quell Reflect (1.10$), Osmos (3$), Apparatus (1.43$), and the classic Angry Birds, which somehow only has the free version left in Google Play (?).


I think that’s it for tonight. After an hours of usage, the battery isn’t that hot compared to how it was before. I guess a more normal usage doesn’t have that much of a toll… I’ll try a couple games, and check Sleep as Android tonight.


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